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Here are Your UHEW Convention Committees

The UHEW Convention Committees have been appointed by UHEW National President Shimen Fayad. These Committees are meeting the week of May 31-June 3, 2021 to review all of the resolutions that have been submitted and also make recommendations on a draft budget to the Convention. All members of the Committees are delegates to Convention, and they have been tasked with helping the Convention manage and process the many resolutions that are submitted to the Convention by Locals, Sub-Locals and the UHEW National Council.

For this year’s UHEW National Convention from August 16-21, 2021 there will be three Convention Committees. They are Finance, General and By Laws. There is representation on the Committees from the National Council and all regions of the country. Each of these Committees will debate and deliberate each resolution that is referred to them for their consideration. Then, they will make a recommendation to the full National Convention on how they believe the resolution should be handled. Normally that recommendation will be to either support (a recommendation of Concurrence) or not support (a recommendation of Non-Concurrence) each individual resolution. They can also combine, divide or amend resolutions but cannot change the intent of the resolution that has been submitted.

Once the Convention Committees have dealt with all resolutions, they will prepare a report that will be provided to Convention delegates in time for them for review the recommendations prior to Convention. At the National Convention each Committee will be given some time to present its recommendations and the delegates can then debate and discuss the Committee recommendations when they come forward.

UHEW Convention Committees


Co Chairpersons:

  • Benoît Thibault
  • Robert Chafe
  • Larry Schlosser


  • Richard May
  • Todd Davies


  • Jeannine Laing
  • Tim Eddis
  • Lois Palmer
  • Don Racette
  • Louise Sicard
  • Bob Ellis


Co Chairpersons:

  • Mark Gilchrist
  • Diane Girouard


  • Darlene Lewis
  • Kevin Lundstrom


  • Scott Mossman
  • Jacqueline Gabon
  • Lisa Larocque
  • Dana-Lee Armstrong
  • Jamie Bonner


Co Chairpersons:

  • Marc Blanchard
  • Rubin Kooner


  • Karla Levangie-Connor
  • Faye Kingyens
  • Cheryl Sullivan


  • Richard Dollimount
  • Louise Burchell
  • Francesco Lai
  • Philip Griffin
  • Mike Lister


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