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Pride’s Place is in Your Union


June is Pride Month in Canada, and the Union of Health and Environment Workers would like to wish all our LGBTQ2+ members a happy and safe Pride. Pride was born out of struggle. It emerged from the Stonewall Riots in New York City and police raids and arrests in Toronto and Montreal. All across Canada and around the world, gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans and non-binary people began to stand up, fight back and celebrate their sexual diversity.

Unions like the Public Service Alliance of Canada quickly joined in these struggles and fought for same-sex benefits at the bargaining table and protection from harassment at the workplace. Throughout the years we have made many gains together but even today some LGBTQ2+ groups still face discrimination and harassment at their workplace and in their community. We cannot rest yet because there is still much more to do.

In our continuing fight for justice for our LGBTQ2+ members and LGBTQ2+ communities across this country we join with our sisters and brothers at the PSAC and pledge to:

  • continue to fight to eliminate the discriminatory ban that remains on blood, organ and bone marrow donations from many LGBTQ2+ people
  • fight for workplaces and government policies that are trans-inclusive
  • ensure the government puts a nationwide ban on conversion therapy
  • call on the federal government to collect meaningful census data on LGBTQ2+ groups, to include protections under employment equity and to ensure inclusive government policy
  • fight to include HIV prevention medication and gender-affirming hormone therapies in extended health plans
  • advocate for gender inclusive washrooms in workplaces
  • ensure community, health and social services are affordable and accessible

This Pride Month, we honour and stand in solidarity with our members and activists who continue to work tirelessly to help advance LGBTQ2+ rights. On behalf of the Union of Health and Environment Workers, Happy Pride! Let’s celebrate our difference and diversity together. Pride’s place is in your union.

As always, drop me a line or email any time.

Help us build UHEW together!!

In solidarity

Shimen Fayad



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