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Rand vs MIGS: what’s in a name?

Why you should sign a union card.

‘Rand’ is a funny word to describe a union member who pays dues but has no say in how those dues are spent.
It comes from Supreme Court Justice Ivan Rand whose 1946 decision that since all workers — whether or not they’d joined up — benefitted from a union’s efforts to negotiate better wages and working conditions, that they should all pay union dues. But, he said, it would be ‘unfair’ to require a worker to sign a union card. The ‘Rand formula’ is a large chunk of the basis of labour relations law even today.
Here’s why you should choose to join the union:
You get a say in how the union is run
UHEW is a democracy of members. Members in Good Standing — MIGS for short. Members choose the leadership — at all levels — give them direction, set the union’s budget and so on. It’s often said history is decided by those who show up. Your union card gets you in the door.
It’s how your work life gets better
The more you know about your rights in the workplace, about your rights in the collective agreement, the benefits, the disability plan, the happier you’ll be. Yes, you can get a copy of the contract and commit it to memory. But it’s not exactly light reading. We’re here to help you figure it out and answer your questions. We produce literature that explains what can be a complex universe of rules and regulations. We put on education sessions. We have workplace advocates who’ve been through all of it and can help you along.
And we’re firmly on your side. You can’t say the same about human resources.
You get deals and free stuff
‘Strength in numbers’, they say. The union uses that strength to negotiate deals on insurance, travel, credit cards and other services that it makes available to members in good standing. Also, your kids can win a union scholarship to college or university.
If I don’t join the union will the employer have to fire me?
Short answer? No. 
If I’m not a member, will the union defend me if I get in trouble?
Short answer? Yes. The union is legally obligated to rigorously defend all its members — Rand or MIGS. Recall, though, that old saying ‘an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.’ Being a member of the union, learning from your reps about your rights and benefits is your ounce of prevention. 
For all these reasons, we strongly encourage you to sign that card and meet your shop steward. 
We are stronger when we stand together.


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