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EG Pay Parity Arbitral Award


PSAC won an arbitral award in January 2022, with the arbitrator ruling that the pay gap should be closed between Engineering and Scientific Support (EG) members in the Technical Services (TC). 

For UHEW, this represents over 2000 EG members!! 

Since then, Treasury Board has refused to make payments to any EG members in the TC group, arguing they won’t implement the changes until PSAC and the government reach a new collective agreement. This arbitration decision has no impact on what PSAC is seeking at the table in this round of bargaining. 

As a result, UHEW is recommending EG members eligible for the new rate, file individual grievances to apply pressure to all departments.  The departments must report back to TB and this may encourage TB to change its position!! 

EG members eligible for the new rate are those who have been at their maximum rate for at least twelve months as of June 22, 2022 shall move to this new rate on that date. 

Please ask for you Local Steward or Local Executive member to assist you for filing the grievance. They will ensure that the grievance form is properly completed and contains the correct information before submitting it to management.

Grievance wording for EG Pay Parity

“I grieve the employer’s failure to comply with the Arbitration decision between PSAC and TB regarding the EG Pay Parity Arbitral Award.  I grieve the TB who has failed to implement the EG Wage Rate increased effective June 22, 2022.” 

Corrective Action:  “That the employer immediately complies with Arbitrator Mitchnick’s arbitration decision and take immediate action to comply with the implementation date of June 22, 2022.  The employer provide interest on monies owed for failure to comply with the implementation date.  To be made whole.” 

In Solidarity 

Shimen Fayad
National President 


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