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The Union of Health and Environment Workers, a science-based Component of the Public Service Alliance of Canada, has approximately 10, 000 members spread out across Canada; in the north, in the south and from the east coast to the west coast.

The National Council, responsible for the affairs of the Component, is comprised of the National President, National Vice-President, who are both in the UHEW’s Headquarters in the National Capital Region, and 15 Regional Vice-Presidents, representing their Locals within their region.

UHEW represents PSAC members in the following Departments and Agencies: Environment and Climate Change Canada, Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Natural Resources Canada – Canadian Forest Service Sector, Health Canada, Indigenous Services Canada – First Nations and Inuit Health Branch, Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency and Public Health Agency of Canada. The Component also represents members with separate employers (other than Treasury Board) such as the Freshwater Fish Marketing Corporation (Winnipeg).

The Component provides service to its Locals in the form of advice and representation related to grievances at the National Level.  UHEW is also involved in all matters related to departmental policies and problems related to the members it represents. Representation on behalf of the membership is also provided at various union-management consultation meetings with the departments, held regularly, in order to discuss work place issues and provide recommendations to resolve them where possible.

Isolation, shift work, laws and regulations’ enforcement, field and sea duty are some of the extraordinary conditions of employment experienced by UHEW’s members. Many work in laboratories with dangerous and poisonous chemicals, or other potentially harmful materials or substances. Others are constantly exposed to dangerous and confrontational situations when enforcing regulations. Because of these working conditions, occupational health and safety is a constant concern to the Component.

UHEW’s goal is to work in partnership and collaboration with all departments and agencies to improve the quality of life for our members and all employees.

UHEW also strongly promotes a respectful workplace from Ocean to Ocean to Ocean free of harassment, violence and discrimination with the elimination of any “fear of reprisal”.


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