Union of Health and
2781 Lancaster Road, Suite 400
Ottawa, Ontario K1B 1A7
T. 1(613) 731-5533
F.(613) 526-5537

Cheryl Sullivan

Representing all NRCan (Canadian Forest Service only) members in Ontario (except NCR) and Fisheries and Oceans Canada members at the Sea Lamprey Control Centre

PresidentMark Primavera
Vice PresidentTom Weldon
Secretary/TreasurerGerry Whalen
DirectorLillian Pavlik
DirectorKevin Finlayson
Chief – CFS PetewawaPeter Arbour
Chief – NRCan CMSSGreg Hill
Chief – DFOAdam Loubert
Health and Safety Representatives
CMSSTroy Conforzi
CFSTim Ladd
CFSKerry MacDonald
CFSLillian Pavlik
CMSSCharles Rowswell

Representing Environment and Climate Change Canada members in the Burlington/Hamilton area (except Water Survey)

PresidentFrancesco Lai
1st Vice PresidentKristen Thompson
2nd Vice PresidentEmil Bandelj
SecretaryMaria Villella
TreasurerLauren van Rassel
Enforcement BranchEmil Bandelj
ChiefJeffrey Hanna
Library ServicesFrancesco Lai
Enforcement BranchKristen Thompson
S&T BranchMary Williamson
Health and Safety Representatives
Navdeep Dulay
Alicia Mehlenbacher
Jason Miller
Tannis Neheli
Brad Elsie
Brandon Gomez

Representing all Fisheries and Oceans Canada members in Ontario (except NCR and Sea Lamprey Control Centre)

PresidentFred Oliff
Vice PresidentRoger Cameron
SecretaryJeremy Thompson
TreasurerJennifer Marche
Shop StewardAndra Zommers
OSH StewardsAndra Zommers

Representing Environment and Climate Change Canada in Water Survey Ontario

PresidentAndrew Olinski
Vice PresidentDave Rose
SecretaryBrian Turnbull
TreasurerRobert Blanchet
DirectorMichelle Foy
DirectorCatherine McFarlane
Andrew Olinski
Health and Safety Representatives
Harold Delgado

Representing Environment and Climate Change Canada members in Downsview/Toronto area

PresidentPaige Gilmore
Area Vice PresidentRob Gilmore
Area Vice PresidentRebecca Abdallah
Area Vice PresidentJacqueline Gabon
Area Vice PresidentCynthia Brown
SecretaryLisa Jayne
TreasurerJoanne Allen
STB - ASTD - Air Quality - CAPMoNMonique Berthiaume
MSC - MDSD - AMDS AdminWendy Gerecht
STB - ASTD - Air Quality AdminAnneli Macatrao
CSFB PACD Accounting OpsMary Bozickovic
Health and Safety Representatives
MSC - MDSD Dir OpsJacqueline Gabon
CSFB ARPSD AICMD or OpsRobert GIlmore
CWSJohn Haggeman
EE Enforcement or AdminAnna Lyn-King
CSFB Finance PACD COAMary Bozickovic
SPB or RAR AdminRebecca Abdallah
CWSDanny Bernard
MSC AMDS or OpsCarol Lebel


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