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Ottawa, Ontario K1B 1A7
T. 1(613) 731-5533
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Richard May

Representing Fisheries and Oceans members at the Institute of Ocean Sciences

PresidentLizzie Yates
Vice PresidentWarren Wulff
SecretarySerena Abelson
TreasurerCaden Martin
Health & Safety RepCaden Martin
Chief Stewardvacant
Director-at-Large OSDGlenn Cooper
Director-at-Large OSDRachel Dugas
Director-at-Large CHSShyla Hocker

Representing Fisheries and Oceans Canada members at the Pacific Biological Station

PresidentDaniel Williams
Vice PresidentRichard Bazille
Secretary/TreasurerAndrew Vanier
Shane Servant

Representing all Fisheries and Oceans members in British Columbia (except IOS and PBS)

PresidentEamon Miyagi
Vice President (PA Group)Christina Engel
Vice-President (Hatchery Field Workers)Chris Simister
Vice-President (C&P)Adam Jackson
Secretary (Membership)Monique Bakker
Secretary (Recording)Holly Morison
TreasurerDebbie Clemenson
ChiefCarla Neumann
StewardBrad Butler
StewardStephen Tessovitch
StewardJacqueline Bramall
StewardSaskia Bianchini
StewardJill MacNeill
StewardHaakon Hammer
StewardEamon Miyagi
StewardChris Simister
StewardAdam Jackson
Health and Safety Representatives
Mandy Ludlow

Representing NRCan (CFS only) members in the Pacific region

PresidentDan Lauvaas
Vice PresidentJessie Mitchell
Secretary/TreasurerHolly Williams
DirectorJeffrey Fontaine
DirectorAmanda Garner
Andrea Schiller
Health and Safety RepresentativeJessie Mitchell

Representing all Environment and Climate Change Canada members in British Columbia

PresidentAnn-Marie Friesen
Vice PresidentKevin Chernoff
Vice-PresidentSamantha Patterson
Secretary/Communication OfficerTiffany Petersen
TreasurerPatricia Eslami
Pacific Environment Science CentreKevin Chernoff
Human ResourcesAnn-Marie Friesen
Predictions Services Ops West - MSCVacant
Pacific Environment Science CentreBenjamin Leung
Enforcement-EnvironmentalJessica Leung
Enforcement-EnvironmentalSamantha Patterson
Health and Safety Representatives
Human ResourcesAnn-Marie Friesen
Human ResourcesNha Le Diep
Human ResourcesTiffany Petersen
Human ResourcesBenjamin Leung

Representing all Environment and Climate Change Canada and Fisheries and Oceans Canada members in Yukon

PresidentDanielle Hosick
Vice Presidentvacant
Secretary/TreasurerYee Ting Choy
Catherine Ford Lammers
Linda Moen
Karin Svec
Pearl Pearson


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