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Convention Communiqués

  • Day 3 recap (8/18/2023) - The last day of Convention was buzzing with excitement as elections were conducted.  Shimen Fayad was elected National President by acclamation as was National Vice President Marc Blanchard. Shimen Fayad begins her second term as the UHEW National President. Marc Blanchard begins his first term as National Vice President, who… Read on
  • Day 2 Recap (8/17/2023) - Day 2 of the 2023 UHEW National Convention was equally as busy as Day 1 with much convention business accomplished. Here’s a recap of the day’s highlights. NDP MP LISA MARIE BARRON SPEAKS ABOUT WORKING TOWARD AN INTEGRATED RESPONSE TO CONTAINER SPILLS AND ABANDONED VESSELS Delegates had the opportunity to… Read on
  • Day 1 Recap (8/16/2023) - The first in-person UHEW National Convention in six years got underway in Vancouver, BC today. Over 75 delegates gathered today to begin the important work of setting the direction for our union of the next three years. Here’s a recap of Day 1. STARTING IN A GOOD WAY The Quw’utsun… Read on
  • Here are Your UHEW Convention Committees (6/2/2021) - The UHEW Convention Committees have been appointed by UHEW National President Shimen Fayad. These Committees are meeting the week of May 31-June 3, 2021 to review all of the resolutions that have been submitted and also make recommendations on a draft budget to the Convention. All members of the Committees… Read on
  • What is a Convention Committee? (4/22/2021) - Convention Committees are the way that a National Convention manages and processes the many resolutions that are submitted to the Convention by Locals, Sub-Locals and the UHEW National Council. Convention Committees are established by the National Council of the Union of Health and Environment Workers which appoints delegates to the… Read on
  • What is a Convention Resolution? (3/24/2021) - A Convention Resolution is the vehicle used by groups of members to establish principles or policies for the guidance of union activities for the period between Conventions. Any Locals, Sub-Locals and the National Council of the Union of Health and Environment Workers can submit resolutions to the UHEW National Convention.… Read on
  • What is the National Convention? (3/15/2021) - The UHEW National Convention is the union's supreme governing body. It takes place every three years and is the highlight of the democratic process within the union. The Convention is the forum where members vote to adopt policies that direct how the Union will spend its money and what priorities… Read on


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